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Off-the-shelf software for heavy duty processing of real-time financial information - V5.1.7 September 2020


DataBridge is a real-time financial data feed-handler and hub that facilitates

transfer of market data in the form of customised messages from major

information vendors including Refinitiv, Bloomberg, SIX, Tradition

and Interactive Data. 


Multiple Input Sources

DataBridge accepts data from multiple sources including TREP/ELEKTRON,

TRKD source, Bloomberg BPipe or other vendors. It also supports other

protocols from major vendors. Market Data is normalized in messages by the user to allow formatting to suit the customer’s requirements. DataBridge then transmits the messages in either real-time, delayed or snap-shot mode to multiple destinations. If needed, all messages can be scheduled to fire at specific or periodic times. Messages are then transmitted to the desired destination.


Flexible Output formats

A key benefit is that messages can be constructed to byte level in order to meet the requirements of the destination

infrastructure or application including a built-in SQL statement.
he output destination(s) can be serial data stream, ASCII file (E.g. XML, HTML, CSV), TCP/IP, mainframe (E.g. IBM DataQueue, MQ,), ODBC based database (E.g. Oracle, SQL, Access) or any customised output solutions. 


Customisable sources

Our design enables us to quickly and efficiently build interfaces to almost any feed format (plugin) and retain the power of the DataBridge processing functionality and latency.

Harmonising and low latency data transmission

DataBridge provides highly resilient processing of real-time or delayed financial data to a customer’s dealing room or backoffice specifically addresses the limitations of older methods of data transfer like serial datafeeds or DDE (Excel)  and is designed with a rich set of functionality to handle thousands of real-time instruments simultaneously especially where low latency is required.

The latest Version 5 runs as a full service and includes a new remote management tool called Exsys Service Manager to enable users to activate commands to DataBridge remotely as well monitor performance.


Databridge has been built to support the full range of platforms at Refinitiv including RFA, RMDS, TREP, Elektron (both managed cloud service and locally deployed) and Bloomberg Bpipe.


Do you need interface to other sources ? give us a call   +972 9 7666388  or +972 54 4650220 or


For a full feature list of DataBridge V5 

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DataBridge Q and A - click here



Disclaimer: all product names or brands of vendors mentioned here are provided for descriptive purposes only and Exsys claims no responsibility, liability nor representation whatsoever for them or their parent companies.

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