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Questions and answers about the DataBridge suite


What is DataBridge ?

DataBridge is a software package that facilitates bulk transfer of data messages from one system to another. DataBridge sources data via (for example) Refinitiv RFA and Bloomberg Bpipe, allows the operator to manipulate and add data to create a data message, and then transmits the message either in real-time, or in snapshot mode, to an output destination. The output destination could be any combination of serial data stream (RS232), data file or customized output solution e.g., IBM DataQueue, Host Integration Server/VSAM, Oracle/SQL databases, ODBC/Active X or to a Paging service.


Which Platforms does DataBridge support ?

DataBridge, a 64 bit software package designed for Windows 10 ® or Windows 2012/2008 ® servers , is the result of many  man years of development by Exsys vendors. It is network based and fully compliant with the Refinitiv's TREP/Market Data System, Bpipe or other vendor platforms.  It provides highly robust processing of real-time data from data vendors to a bank’s dealing room or back-office system. It specifically addresses the limitations of older methods of data transfer like serial datafeeds or EXCEL DDE and is designed to handle thousands of real-time instruments simultaneously.


Why choose DataBridge ?

Exsys have many years experience in dealing with the various protocols/APIs published by the main Financial Information vendors.  These APIs are constantly changing and Exsys ensures its software is constanctly up-to-date. This saves huge resources for customers who can focus on their main business. 

  • DataBridge has many addon functions such as built-in "on the fly calculator" enabling the application of powerful formulae to incoming data and sending calculated data to end-user applications.

  • DataBridge offers a module for contributions back to vendors

  • An addon module to enable local publishing of rates from an Excel plugin via DataBridge to pseudo symbols viewed by end-users. 

  • The architecture of DataBridge enables quick and effective integration of new feeds as required.

  • DataBridge can act as a single hub for multiple incoming and outgoing feeds.


Who uses DataBridge and for what purpose ?

DataBridge was launched in mid-1998 and has been successfully installed at many sites and by Refinitiv for its own internal uses. Here are some examples of the of tasks :

1. Bank 1 - uses DataBridge to schedule about 100 messages every 5 minutes with fields from 8-900 Refinitiv Instrument Codes (RICs) using an Active X control linking to an Oracle database. The bank has built a watchdog mechanism based on the functionality available within the DataBridge - including checks for health of SSL, data quality (stale data etc.,) and output faults.

2. Bank 2 - is using DataBridge to take realtime snaps every 5 mins. of over 500 RICs and transmit  them via IBM DataQueue to their AS/400. They also have a second DataBridge system for flat file output linked to the AS/400.

3. Bank 3 - is scheduling several hundred messages of over 1000 RICs into a networked drive which is then polled by their own internal programs.

4. Bank 4 - is scheduling 8-10,000 RICs and dynamically creating messages based on a fluctuating stock or options (adds and drops).

5. Refinitiv Israel are using DataBridge as its headend for its alpha-numeric paging service called Pocketwatch and is sending some 800 RICs to their paging subscribers. They also used DataBridge to transmit updates on specific financial instruments to the Israel Stock Exchange and other information vendors for their own distribution service under joint agreements.

6. DataBridge is used to source market updates and together with Exsys NewsFeed Server news headlines for automatic insertion on their web site.

7. DataBridge was used as the broadcast headend for a Refinitiv mobile phone service where customers can receive a subset of market data on suitable cellphones. 

8. A leading vendor for Forex Options Pricing is using DataBridge to source realtime spot and option prices from Thomson Reuters and other sources to update its SQL database where it applies its own algorithm for price calculations for distribution via its website.

9. Bank is using a combination of Symbol Finder and DataBridge to manage their proprietary Equities trading system. An end user application was developed which enables end users to send Symbol search queries via the Exsys Symbol Finder API, identify the symbol and then submit the symbol to the central DataBridge for ongoing market updates.


Who is responsible for Refinitiv or other vendor content and their distribution policies

Exsys's license agreement makes it clear that the customer must comply fully with Refinitiv and Bloomberg service agreements and its policy for re-distribution of data.  Exsys's tools are built around vendors APIs and enable a high degree of flexibility in the processing of market data but it is still the customers ultimate responsibility to ensure that the relevant service agreement with the vendor and any other vendors (exchange fees) are in place.


What is Exsys Change Notification Service ?


This service assists customers in monitoring the quality of their market data by checking foranomalies in the pricing and symbology and provides a push-alert highlighting such issues. For more information


What is Exsys Dealing Monitor ?


The software package acts as a hub on the customer site to collect FX transaction tickets, parse them and process them into the customer backoffice. EDM works with TRTNS, Barclays, UBS, EBS, Logicscope and many other vendors.  For more information

What is Exsys Data Extractor ?


EDX software is a powerful desktop or server application which enables you to create rules and schedules and extract the exact data from an internet source. For more information

For more information on any of these services | email | phone +972 9 7666388 or +972 54 4650220 or or

Disclaimer: all product names or brands of vendors mentioned here are provided for descriptive purposes only and Exsys claims no responsibility nor representation whatsoever for them.

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