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Maintain the quality of market data and code changes




Refiniiv supports over 800 change notification pages which publish details on the adds, drops, symbol

(Refinitiv Instrument Code) change names, company change names, system alerts and descriptions in

general of events which happened, or will happen to financial instruments. ECNS aims to help financial

institutions maintain the quality of their data and portfolios by providing pro-active alerts to changes.


The quantity of data and random nature of Refinitiv updates makes it difficult for users to regularly monitor and receive pro-active alerts. ECNS is designed to push alerts to registered users and can be deployed as either an Internet or Intranet solution.


Exsys has developed sets of algorithms by which the Refinitiv change notifications are monitored and reports generated according to subjects of interest. The reports can be addressed to a variety of destinations, including e-mail, fax, web, FTP, file servers and Exsys’s own DataBridge (© ) middleware software.


ECNS allows the insertion of rules and actions according to client monitoring requirements including specific customer instrument lists.


Key Features


ECNS allows for flexible selection of event criteria. The top-level categories, for example, are:


  • Symbol changes by country

  • Symbol changes by market (FX, Equities etc..)

  • Symbol changes by exchange (e.g. AMEX, NYSE, NASDAQ)

  • Symbol alerts based on matching text

  • System alerts (communication faults etc..)

  • Customer’s own RIC list for ECN to monitor and provide customized alerts


ECNS scans the Refinitiv Change Notification pages and sends alerts based on customer requirements. These can be in HTML or file attachment formats. ECNS includes other features like reports, customizable destination and a link to Exsys DataBridge.


For further information and live demonstrations please call Exsys at +972 9 7666388 or +972 54 4650220

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Refinitiv, RIC, IDN and other acronyms or trade names belong to their respective companies and are referred to for information purposes only.


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