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Netop Vision Pro


 What can I do with it?


Stream videos on your students’ screens, fast and in sync. Teach graphics-intensive subjects like CAD. With Vision Pro, you can take any software you’re running and share it on your students’ computers in real time. You can select the websites you want your students to have access to, or just pick a few you want to keep off limits. Demo from your PC to your students' smart devices. It makes using technology in the classroom smoother, easier and more professional. And that’s just the beginning of what web-based blended learning can do for your classroom.




New in Vision Pro: Create assessments anywhere, run quizzes during class

time, or assign tests outside of the classroom – perfect for flipped learning.

Provides automatic scoring and compiles results data in easy-to-use reports.

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Get the most out of the technology in your



Want the best? It’s like Vision... only better Vision Pro offers all the same features as Netop Vision, the classroom management software that teachers across the world depend on when using technology in the classroom. But it goes further. Three powerful enhancements make the difference:


  • Class-Wide Remote Login: In single sign-in environments, get all your computers logged in with a click, from your desk, so they’ll be ready as soon as students arrive

  • Web-Based Assessment Software: Create and administer assessments for student use in class or at home – perfect for flipped classrooms.

  • Manage Your PC From Your iPad: Unchain yourself from your desk and manage your classroom from your iPad with Vision Mobile

  • Ultimate Website Control Use block lists and site filters to restrict certain sites, while still allowing students access to the Internet

  • For iPad-based classrooms 

  • For more on the Netop Learning Center 

  • Watch this clip about Vision pro











What are the benefits of Vision Pro classroom management software?


Actually, it’s the best This software sets the standard. Dynamic lesson

presentation directly on student computers or tablets make teaching

with technology intuitive and engaging, from high-speed screen sharing

to cloud-based tools for flipped classrooms. Do you want ultimate web

control and class-wide remote login? How about creating and running

quizzes and tests in and out of class? It's all here in Vision Pro.


Ideal for 1:1 and BYOD programs With demonstration, annotation, and

assessment features designed for student web-enabled smart devices

– iPad, Android, Chromebook, and more – Vision Pro helps your 1:1

and BYOD programs succeed.


Plus it’s really easy to learn You’re busy. We know. Even the most

awesome classroom tool isn’t practical if it takes too long to learn. That’s

why, when it comes to the learning curve, at Netop we aim for no curve

at all. This web-based learning software has a refreshingly simple interface for using technology in the classroom, paired with a remarkably intuitive layout.


Watch a short video clip on Vision Pro

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