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Below are some of our off-the-shelf solutions to help Financial Service customers quickly and easily integrate with Financial Information Vendors. 

Suite of Solutions
feed handlers for real-time financial data

Feed-handlers are the power house behind market data systems. They need to be fast and reliable. Exsys Provides the benefits of off-the-shelf solutions with the flexibility of proprietary design.

Exsys feed handlers receive, normalise, cache, manage and seamlessly integrate real-time market data sourced directly from financial information vendors to target backoffice systems.

The major benefit to customers is that they don't have to change or adapt the existing systems for DataBridge-based data. Our software enables customers to create market data messages which are configured byte by byte to meet the needs of the target system.  For more information

feed handlers for real-time financial data
  Exsys Symbol       Finder

The ESF is a search engine for either manual or programatic based indentification of market data symbols. It is especially useful when used in conjunction with Exsys DataBridge as a tool for managing the feedhandler's content.


ESF was developed specifically to simplify and enable automated searches for ThomsonReuters symbols known as RICs.


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feed handlers for real-time financial data
   Exsys Dealing      Monitor

EDM is a Windows application that normalizes, parses and manages post trade Foreign Exchange transactions from a wide range of vendors. These counterparties include ThomsonReuters (TRTNS), EBS, Logiscope and direct connections to Barclays, UBS, Goldman Sachs and many others.


Customers enjoy a single hub for all the post trade tickets to ensure a stable, easy-to-manage environment with full reporting and tracking of trade tickets.


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feed handlers for real-time financial data
Exsys Change
Notification Service

Vendors like ThomsonReuters publish hundreds and sometimes thousands of market data changes every data covering adds, drops, symbol change names, company change names, system alerts and general descriptions of future events affecting financial instruments.  Tracking all these changes can be a challenge, to say the least.


ECN helps customers maintain the quality of their data and portfolios by providing pro-active messages of these changes based on customised profiles and filters.  ECN is designed to push alaerts to registered users and can be deployed as either a cloud-based or on-site solution


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Exsys Data

The Exsys Data Extractor automates the process of grabbing financial information from Internet sources and updating inhouse systems.

It supports source formats like HMTL (tables), XML, PDF and EXCEL and has a powerful set of schedules to download and and run task processes which saves time, money and improves on accuracy.

The software can easily be configured to identify specific values in the source files and verify changes from previous values. 


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