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Exsys Dealing Monitor

A locally deployed hub to handle all your FX deal tickets


The Exsys Dealing Monitor (EDM) solves the problem of having disparate applications/solutions

for processing post trade tickets (STP) into the backoffice. It acts as an onsite hub and

automates the trapping of the transaction - freeing staff to focus on their core activities and

reduces errors from manual input.


EDM is a Windows 32bit program that processes standard Ticket Output Feed (TOF), RTNS RAF

XML, FIX or other protocols as required from a wide range of transaction systems. 


The application supports both TCP/IP and serial outputs. The sources and tickets are parsed and the constituent fields and values are extracted. The fields/values are pumped in any customisable format to match the requirements of the backoffice database or filing system.


The feed supports Refinitiv Dealing (2000 + 3000) , Bloomberg FXGO, EBS, UBS, Refinitiv Trade Notification Service (TRTNS), Logicscope and others. 


EDM also enables full capture of dealing conversations.


The configuration options include, database identification, destination table and field naming, and options status log table. Full monitoring and logging of activity is built-in.


As of February 2019  - the production version is V4 and for a full list of features and benefits click here


EDM is robust and well-tried software and Exsys customers would be pleased to act as references.


Custom modifications to specific customer needs are available.


For further information send us email, or call +972 9 7666388 or +972 54 4650220 or




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