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Exsys Symbol Finder helps to identify instrument codes


Developed as a search engine so that users can find, exploit and manage Refinitiv market

data more efficiently. This is especially useful for customers who need to track market data for

instruments being traded by their own customers.

Most Refinitiv users are faced with an array of desktop applications and underlying

databases from which to extract and monitor market movements. The user typically wants to do

his/her job by finding data quickly and effectively without having to know which application to use and which database to query.

The Exsys Symbol Finder was developed with the objective of simplifying the search for Refinitiv Symbol Codes on the various Reuters databases. Over the years Refinitiv services have evolved and expanded enormously with many new sources of data from many new markets and new instruments. It is increasingly difficult to track the “rules” which have been introduced to find and build the Reuters Instrument Code (the RIC as it is commonly known) – the bedrock of all Refinitiv market data.


One of the main benefits of the Exsys Symbol Finder is the ability to programmatically search for symbol codes.


Key Features of Symbol Finder include :


  • Main query screen covering Forex, Equities, Options, Warrants and Bonds.

  • Each query screen provides specific search criteriae for the instrument.

  • Depending on the level of detail given to the query screen the browser will return a “drill down” to locate and present a range of SYMBOLs or alternate names for further searches.

  • The result screen displays a range of fields for the SYMBOLs including Display Name, Currency, Code (Cusip/Sedol etc..), the current pSymbole, exchange etc.. The range of underlying fields is customisable.

  • After identifying the SYMBOL the user can then “submit” it to the DataBridge as a new instrument and thereafter for market updates to be sent automatically into the backoffice.

  • Batch Mode – this enables the customer to process a batch file via the SYMBOL Finder and therefore assist in converting and identifying large numbers of instruments.

  • API Support – via Internet Explorer browser or via commands sent to the ESF engine using a standard TCP/IP channel and port combination.

  • Bulk submit feature – for example all the Options for an underlying Equity can be identified and transferred as a “Chain” to the DataBridge.

  • Automatic identification of current Symbols on Refinitiv. Every midnight the ESF runs a check and replaces those Symbols that have changed because of changes by Refinitiv (notably the source exchange extension.

  • Extract all the underlying Options for an Equity symbol and deploy the symbols to DataBridge or other applications.

  • Extract all the underlying Options from a list of Equities and deploy the symbols to DataBridge or other applications.

  • Optional Login screen with password control for secure access by authorised users.

  • Optional Login screen with password control for secure access by authorised users.


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Disclaimer : Reuters Triarch, RMDS, TREP, RFA, RTIC, P2PS, RIC, ThomsonReuters,  IBM , VSAM , Bloomberg, Bpipe, Bpod, Windows and other acronyms or trademarks are owned by their respective companies and are used for information purpose only. Use of DataBridge is strictly provisional on compliance with vendor's licensing restrictions. 




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