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Tools for iPad Classroom Management


Essential tools for teaching with the iPad and managing workflow


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Present lessons on student iPads

Engage your class by projecting lesson materials directly onto student iPad screens. Show presentations, present web pages, share assignments, demonstrate concepts. Every student gets a front row seat with Vision ME.


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Licensing information


Vision ME is sold as a software as a service solution, with an annual subscription based on the number of users. 

Your Vision ME subscription provides access to the Learning Center, which connects the Vision ME teacher and student apps in classrooms, and provides online learning and web-based assessment tools. A current license to the Vision ME Learning Center is required to use the Vision ME teacher and student apps, which are available free from the Apple app store,


Educational pricing is based on an annual subscription price per user license.  A user can be a teacher, a student or

an administrator. Each user who wants to use Vision ME needs his or her own license.






















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