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Exsys Data Extractor EDX - new release August 2020

Automatic and reliable extraction (scraping) of financial data from Internet sources


EDX software is a powerful desktop or server application which enables you to create rules and schedules to extract the exact data from an internet source or email (content and attachment). EDX supports a wide range of data formats including XML, HMTL, PDF and XLS and handles multi-lingual websites. The software has been in production for some time at a top international financial information vendor with a track record of reliability and stability.

Use EDX to easily identify the exact line item in the source XML for extraction 

Create a rule and schedule in EDX to extract the exact value in the source format  with the new point and click function - no coding required

Create a task and output format to destination system (database, file, TCP) or for example information vendor like Refinitiv (see their Eikon © desktop screen below)

EDX can easily and accurately extract data from within a PDF document



Accurate WEB scraping - ability to “scrape” WEB sites i.e extract data from anywhere on the WEB page not only from tables by breaking down the WEB page into individual “elements”




































Language independent - ability to extract data in any language by setting the appropriate Code Page on both the source extract and the output destination.












Flexible Schedules - ability to set very flexible schedules and attach them at either the download or the task level. EDX can import published holiday data and automatically link to its own schedules. The schedule can be set in any on the following ways:
- Holiday days (schedule does not operate)
- Active days (Only the dates and times mentioned in the list will activate the schedule)
- Active Dates in Year (set a specific date that will activate every year.
- Active Weekly Day map (set the active days of the week together with the time window for each day of the week)




























Display Formats – ability to set variety of different display formats to attach to each extracted data item
Large selection of different format types including Date-Time manipulation into any standard format by providing both the input and output date/time masks


































Backup – an automated backup facility has been built into the software to backup all data (and any other files needed) to a specified backup storage device or destination.

EDX Contribution Wizard  - watch this short clip below showing the six short steps to identifying and contributing or updating market data to your target system


For a more detailed list of Features and Benefits 


The software can be licensed to run onsite (deployed) or hosted by Exsys on your behalf as a managed service.


Call Exsys now for a full demonstration on how EDX can save you time, provide more automatic, accurate and timely available of relevant of data from a wide range of sources to ensure your destination or internal systems are regularly updated.



Any acronyms for non-Exsys services are published here for information only and Exsys takes no responsibility or endorses these services.

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