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Netop Remote Control Features




  • Remote support of laptops, workstations, servers, POS devices, embedded systems, and mobile devices.


  • Broad platform support, including Windows, Mac and Linux.


  • Fast screen transfer and full keyboard and mouse control


  • A single support interface for both attended and unattended systems


  • Offline lists of remote connections


  • Help request notification



User Features & Functions


  • Remotely monitor machines and devices


  • Communicate with end users through chat


  • Push prepared responses and URL redirects


  • Send and retrieve clipboard content


  • Transfer files with two-way drag-and-drop, delta transfer and crash recovery


  • Conduct collaborative remote control sessions with colleagues


  • Use marker mode to create screen annotations


  • Execute common Windows functions


  • Lock the end user's keyboard and mouse


  • Restrict applications and close displays for privacy


  • Customize and share hotkeys


  • Share screens with customers


  • Notify end users of restart, log-off, lock and shutdown



Administrative Features & Functions


  • Manage system BIOS on computers with no active OS using Intel vPro support


  • Manage system services, registry, processes and event logs


  • Diagnose problems through a remote command prompt window


  • Gather detailed information about hardware and software assets


  • Store remote connections in a customized hierarchy


  • Define a list of common applications, documents and web resources to be launched remotely


  • Send messages to one or more users


  • Create and save snapshots of the remote machine


  • Redirect application ports through a secure tunnel to maintain compliance when managing GUI-less systems


  • Automate programs and tasks





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